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This "holding weave" did make too much friction when I first started trying it, just because I went across too many mains. Since I only need to leave the end of the string handy to knock out the next cross, this works well when I only weave a couple of mains and also run it down toward the throat instead of going perpendicular to the mains.

The general idea for me is to avoid having to find the end of the string and start threading it for each cross. Once I take the slack out of the "pre-weave" and it's ready to be tensioned, I don't have to "zhoop-zhoop-zhoop" to the end of the string, run it through the grommet and start the next pre-weave. It's already sitting there ready to be finished. Since I already have the end in my hand after the full pre-weave, I can pop it into that next holding weave where it's out of the way, but ready to weave as soon as the previous cross is done.

I think the trick is leaving the end handy in one way or another without it getting in the way and bogging down the progress.
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