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Originally Posted by made_in_austria View Post
hey retro,

what makes the elliptic pro so special in your point of view?
Thanks for asking. I hesitate to say too much about it - a few years ago, I started talking about another favorite of mine, the 1988 Head Elite Pro, a relatively obscure but surprisingly good midsize frame, and rather quickly, those became very expensive to buy!

I do wish one of the racquet manufacturers out there would take the formula of the Fischer Elliptic and put it into modern production. All of the various tapered-beam (6 mains through the throat bridge) Elliptic models, strung intelligently, offer an excellent compromise between easy power, outstanding ball control, excellent manoeuverability, useful hitting area with a large sweet spot and uniform response, and provide it packaged with the legendary, crisp but cushy "Fischer feel." It's easier on the arm and joints; not overly stiff, but not "trampoliney" or uncontrollably powerful (as with a widebody) either. Fischer engineers in the late 1980's/early 1990's seemed to have taken a great deal of interest in looking at vibration characteristics of racquets, and designing their layups and structures to be tuned to amplitudes and cycles that were comfortable to users. It has, in stock form, sufficient weight and a good balance to be an effective weapon and easy to use without modification. It is also the sort of racquet by its design which does not limit the user to one specific style of play - it is quite effective for the heavy topspin baseliner or the classic, flat-hitting serve and volleyer, or anything in-between.

Though I do have a Vacuum Elliptic Pro (the 1991 variant with the removable plastic bumper, not the inlaid Vestoran-bumpered type like the concurrent Vacuum Twin Tec frames), lately, I like and routinely play with the most flexible variants (with the pedestrian 50% graphite/50% fiberglass layup) the best, and would put them up against any new racquet. I routinely playtest the newest gear, but still return to these old Fischers, because nothing after them has been as good.
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