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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I just drop the end on the floor. After tensioning I start from the frame and pull the string through my hand until I find the tip for starting the next cross. I feel that way I avoid excessive twisting in the string that cause problems. The last thing I am concerned with is stringing the racket faster.
This is actually a good idea for stringing gut. I would recommend people to do this at least a few times a frame (and moreso near the end of the frame). I am more utilitarian, though. Speed is good as long as no sacrifices are made on quality (it's a stringer's duh statement, I guess). If I have a pile 10+ waiting to be done, and I'm not getting paid by the hour, I'll whip through them as fast as I can, as long as no corners are cut. I actually like the challenge of eliminating waste in my process, but I can imagine this would kill the 'therapeutic'/relaxing feel for those that get that way from stringing
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