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I voted good coach - more time because there is always more areas you can work on. However, like others said, you want the best teacher too.

Two things I have found which I think are essential are the teaching attitude, and the ability to adjust. (My opinions clearly.)

By teaching attitude- which coach has the teaching style that best motivates you? Is he a yeller, is he a joking type, does he encourage you in a way you respond to? Do you like the drill sgt. approach, do you like the gentle correction, high energy, calm flow....?

And ability to adjust- is if he is trying to explain a technique, but it just isn't making sense to you. Can he explain it a different way that does make sense to you? Does he have another drill that demonstrates the same technique if you are having trouble with the first drill? Not every explanation makes the same sense to different people. How it is worded can be really a big deal sometimes.

One other thing I would suggest is the time between the lessons. If you can, try to incorporate matches inbetween the lessons so you can try to do the stuff you learned in actual matches. Just my 2 cents.

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