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Originally Posted by carguy01123 View Post
I recently posted a hitting video, and people were talking about how it's recommended that I shouldn't kill the ball every time. I was wondering if this is what you do in matches as well. Do you just keep rallying until you get the opportune moment to kill the ball or do you kill it every time? Thanks!
Brent Abel describes this the best I've heard from any coach. He describes basically three swing tempos that every player should have. Slow, Medium, and Fast.

During rallies, I use a very natural swing tempo. Engage the full core. Engage a good forehand lag. During rallies, I will vary placement and pace using two tempos - slow and medium tempo.

When I see an opening, I will go for a winner at either a medium or fast tempo swing.

At no time am I thinking "hit it as hard as I can". I have three tempos that I can swing, and I choose the tempo based on what I'm trying to do.

The distribution of my shots by swing tempo is probably 60% medium, 30% slow, and 10% fast.
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