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Originally Posted by Micalzon View Post
Y'all have really gone to town with my biweekly comment.

Yes, I did mean "twice weekly" per common usage of the phrase biweekly, as several of you have pointed out. I've heard all types of opinions and rhetoric regarding whether it should be biweekly or semi-weekly, but this is all a moot point.

I have done all due diligence with seeking permission from the school directly as well as the district and they are all fine with my use of the courts. The parents understand this is just a group activity and know their payments are going towards the training equipment and other ancillary items (I went and bought a few mugs of hot chocolate since it was freezing yesterday. The kids and parents loved it). And they're all really good friends of mine so I don't have an issue with the liability. I've mostly been reaching out for the opinion regarding coaching at the same time and place as this other coach who used to train my son.

I appreciate everyone's passion for the sport and these boards. Keep up the good work!
Ha, I hear you. We all pretty much knew you probably meant twice a week. This forum always cracks me up though, posters will stick by their posts no matter what old Webster and every other dictionary says. Gots to be right no matter what, its comical to me!

Anyway, I have to say I am torn on this one though. The other guy was there first, you took your son to him first....then you start your own group at the same time and place.

Many will disagree, but I am with your wife on this one. To me its was sort of lame to pick the same time and place. But in the end, I suppose its okay since you went after friends of yours rather than his students.

Concerning liability, even with friends it can change. A kid wacks another in the head with a racquet, a parent does not show the proper remorse.....things can change very fast when parents and kids are involved.
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