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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Anyway, I have to say I am torn on this one though. The other guy was there first, you took your son to him first....then you start your own group at the same time and place.

Many will disagree, but I am with your wife on this one. To me its was sort of lame to pick the same time and place. But in the end, I suppose its okay since you went after friends of yours rather than his students.
I'd have a conversation with that coach before "setting up shop" at the same time on the same courts. When I certified with the USPTA, one serious issue that we covered was about being careful to not poach on the business of other teachers, at least ones who are certified and running more formal lessons.

I absolutely appreciate where you're coming from, but I think you'd be smart to explain your situation to this teacher in the same way you've explained it to us. Much better chance of being on the same page and having a harmonious coexistence out there. If I was running a small program and a parent withdrew their kid from my group, started another one at the same time on an adjacent court, and expected everything to be cool without saying a word to me... whoa Nellie!!! I'm a very easy going human, but this would be a SERIOUS problem if it happened to me.

Have the conversation. You may actually be able to help each other out and make an even better go of it once you've cleared the air. Just making the inquiry his way could be enough of a show of respect to make everything fine.
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