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Originally Posted by SweetNola View Post
Anyone tried a poly/multi hybrid in the blade 98s? I know that the SET are notorious for eating through strings. Didn't know if 18x16 pattern would be any different.
I actually have done that hybrid just two weeks ago! You are in luck because I experimented with several set-ups and I can tell you that the performance of the following hybrid is very favorable:

Any shaped co-poly in the mains and a multi with a COATING in the crosses. Now, I will suggest to forget about the multi and buy a stiffer synthetic like the new Gosen strings. They are specially coated and they hold tension much better. The other key is to string BOTH the mains and crosses at the same or similar tensions because of the 18x16 pattern. You should experience good control and spin with this set-up. I hope this helps you out.
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