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The Prince XC is a nice string. I got the 1.41 gauge and I think thats too thick. Honestly, I am wondering if 1.35 is too thick in terms of feel as well.

So I ask you folks, for those who hit pretty heavy and break strings..can you get 10 hours out of any 1.30-1.35 gauge poly string? I read that no one really likes black magic in this stick so I have yet to try.

I am looking for nice pocketing, even a bit of launch, nice spin to control it, and price around 7-$11 a set.

I like to string the 99s at 50#s. I can say that the prince xc seemed low powered even at that tension for a while. The ball came off the strings without much pop compared to other setups. The feel is not bad though. It is a very comfy setup. I just am not sold yet to where I want to buy a reel. Still experimenting.

Something like Black Widow in a 16 gauge could be awesome..I have no experience with it though, just going by description.

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