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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
I am considering PRP with Stem Cell for Stage 1 Knee Osteoarthritis.

Consulted with a Doctor who advised against Stem Cell.

Doctor's email:
PRP has been effectively used to treat early arthritis of knees. Benefit of addition of stem cells, however have not been clearly documented in arthritis. Stem cells work wonderfully well for limited cartilage injury in the knee, fractures and spine fusions, but their efficacy in treating generalized arthritis has not been well documented.

PRP will be a day care procedure, where as adding stem cells would involve anesthesia and would also increase the cost significantly.

So , with current available evidence and after reading the reports of MRI and X-rays, I would recommend that you could go ahead with PRP alone, although adding stem cells might be of some additional benefit , but it is not proven yet.
since stem cell treatments in some cases/studies have been purported to show some cartilage regeneration/regrowth potential I would think it would be a good choice for knee osteo as that involves the "articular" cartilage - my wife's treatment has been a solid positive so far.
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