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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
A 4 slam difference means less the more slams we're talking about. 0-4 big difference. 13-17 not much.

I wouldn't say the weeks at number 1 are similar, yet over 100 weeks is still a considerable amount, and Nadal also has other numbers above Federer, so overall indeed their numbers/records are similar.
Even Nadal has many stats behind Sampras...slam, WTF, weeks at #, YE #1.

To say Nadal has similar stats as Federer is comical.

That's like Nole fans saying his stats are similar to Nadal.
RF 17(4-1-7-5)-6-5-23-81-302, RN 14(1-9-2-2)-0-3-27-64-141, Sampras 14(2-0-7-5)-5-6-11-64-286

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