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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Ha, I hear you. We all pretty much knew you probably meant twice a week. This forum always cracks me up though, posters will stick by their posts no matter what old Webster and every other dictionary says.
...and some who know no better will constantly refer to wiki-type or modernistic sources which are by no means the definitive ruling body on correctness.

As I said and will say again, some things become what they are through common miss-use. It doesn't mean they are necessarily interchangeable or can be argued as being equivalent to the original word's meaning. My example of a classic American basta.rd.isation, "I could care less", is a perfect example. It makes little sense if you dissect it and compare it to the original version - yet it remains a common saying.

Even if you stretch the term biweekly to include both meanings the way it was used in this thread was ambiguous so therefore fails the first test of practical use of any term (unless done deliberately to be ambiguous).
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