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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
There was an interesting streak involving Edberg's serve in the 2nd set. He won 14 straight pts on serve to get to 6-5, 40-0. Then Becker won 9 straight pts on Edberg's serve to break and win the tiebreak.

I checked to see if there were any patterns on those pts. During Edberg's 14 pt streak Becker hit 10 returns off the bh wing, 4 off the fh. During his 9 pt win streak on return he hit 7 bh's, 2 fh's.
Interstingly, I believe Edberg also held at love in his first game in the third set. So those 9 pts Becker won against his serve was preceeded by 3 holds at love, then 3 points to 40-0 at 6-5 and then finally followed by a hold at love. Edberg just needed the one point to maybe get back in the match.

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