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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Any normal person can see why Nadal who was just 17 was beating Fed while losing to utter mugs while Fed was destroying those same mugs. Tennis fans know why, you can deny it all you want, doesn't make a difference to me.
Fed is the GOAT and that won't change even if Nadal surpasses his slam count. Nadal having the most slams will be discussed as a statistical anomaly which was proliferated by ATP's shameless money hungry dogs who slowed down the courts and tampered the draws so the talentless opportunistic mug could rack up some non-clay slams , something Fed haters like you will talk up at every opportunity which is ofcourse unpleasant but it is what it is. Haters gonna hate.

Oh yea I've always said Nadal is Fed's achilles heel, that doesn't however prevent him from being the greatest. Greatest is a comparison and in comparison noone stacks up to Fed,noone has a better game. I never said Fed is invincible, noone is, it's the haters who are constantly moving the goalposts. Nadal? Please don't make me laugh, his game is the most 1D i've seen for a supposed all time great. Plus his resume is a bit of a joke for a GOAT contender, so skewed towards clay(a MINORITY surface) it's not even funny. Sampras fans should really stop latching onto other players to ease the butthurt. Please grow up and enjoy Fed's game, you won't see a better player in your lifetime.
Oh please, the only one butthurt here is you. I will reiterate, I am not arguing who the GOAT is because IMO you cannot declare one man the GOAT. Let's face it, current opinion is biased towards current generations. Alot of people who saw Laver at his peak have either passed away and thus are not around to push Laver's barrow or are too old to even figure out how to use a computer let alone log onto to here to argue the point. Plus, there is alot less footage of Laver than there is of Federer, again, biased towards the current generation. You are shallow man, you have a shallow view of tennis without any regard for the past. You simply see 17 and what Federer was able to do to lesser players than him and bang, you think Federer is the GOAT. I'm telling you, it runs much deeper than that, it's not that simple and I'm not going to get into it because it's been done to death on here. Even if Nadal does get to 18, I will still not argue who the GOAT is, for reasons I've already stated...again, it's not that simple.

And just for the record, Nadal has pretty much beaten Federer throughout each stage of Federer's career and pretty much on every surface.
And please spare me about Sampras fans. If Sampras' career was aligned with Federer's, he would have given as good as he got. The past 6 years have proven that Federer is human don't think a peak Sampras would have got in on the action even against a peak Federer? He won 14 slams and finished 6 times World Champion (no. 1) in an era of polarised conditions. Let me tell you, he's no mug. Sheesh, he didn't fear anyone and he is probably the most aggressive player tennis has ever seen. All Sampras would need to do is get under Federer's skin and in his head with a couple of wins and wholla, I suspect it would be the whole Nadal ordeal for Federer all over again. What, you think Federer is superman without any weaknesses?

Which leads me to the main reason I'm replying to your reiterate the main point of my post that you quoted...there is more to determining a truly great player than just tennis is a whole myriad of things, and that includes strengths and weaknesses. If you can't see that then you're a dill.
That is all.
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