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Originally Posted by Bdarb View Post
I didn't say I was surprised Harrison isn't top ten. I said I'm surprised he's not ranked higher than DY. I get he's not an exceptional player on tour, but I do think he has a better game then Donald. He certainly seems to work harder or take his game more seriously anyway. I think Jack Sock will pass him this year as well.
I realize that, and I completely understand why some people would be surprised that DY is ranked higher than Harrison, since as little as a few months ago, Harrison was in the 60-70 range and DY had dropped down into the 150s/160s. Further, I know many people believe Harrison works harder, has better coaching, has a better attitude, etc.

I'm just saying despite all of this, I'm still not surprised that DY is ranked higher than Harrison. Certainly not from a talent level - they both have some nice things about their games, they both have some obvious weaknesses. I just never thought Harrison was that much better. As, I didn't think DY was that much better when he had his USO 4th Rnd run a couple of years ago and got as high as No. 38 or low 40s, while Harrison still hadn't really emerged yet (he is considerably younger in "tennis years").

Knowing how this level of player can catch a hot streak and shoot up the rankings only to tumble back down the next year, I'd never be particularly surprised to see one higher than the other.
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