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Originally Posted by silentkman View Post
Tennis is a non revenue sport. why would you play a sport that nobody watches. If you take away the family the number of people that watch high school tennis is a handful. Sans the big Div 1 school you don't have a ton of people to watch. Even soccer is more dynamic then tennis is in the states. I love tennis, but if I am a top athlete tennis would be a the bottom of the list. The team sports are better overall cheaper. According to the USTA, the cost on the tour is 140K. Tennis a niche sport.

The 2 juniors I watched playing the final of a tournament at my indoor club...16 yo boys...were about the same size I was when I was 12. Meanwhile when I play pick up basketball I constantly see kids who are 16 and are already 6'+.

Any kid with any size and athletic ability at that age is playing one of 6 other sports.

Tennis tends to be the realm of mildly athletic rich kids when it comes to people taking it seriously in the US.
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