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Default Your 3 favorite racquet/string combinations of all time

Hi, my name is Michael, and I'm a racquet-alcoholic.

I have so many racquets and have tried and traded so many, my choice is easy. First, when I say "Favorite", I mean if you were going to compete. I'm 40 and do not compete anymore, well play my son and my friend, but not real competition.

1. K95 16X18 with RPM Blast at 53 with lead weight at 3 and 9; The reason is that with the extra power it feels similar to my K90, but I can just do more with it. Access to spin, tight top spin, power, it's IMO the best.
2. K90 with RPM Blast at 53; This was a close second, sometimes I just play the 90. The plough through combined with the soft RPM is incredible to me, just such tight top spin shots, feel like I can hit anywhere I want.
3. PS85 with RPM at 53; I go to this racquet when I need to work on footwork, shot placement, I make my son do the same. It is all they hype it to be, an aggressive weapon. Sometimes I think "I'll just stay with this", then in competing shank, shank, shank.

I'm not a big fan of the bigger lighter racquets, I'm just from the old school I guess. I had a Aeropro and all it seemed I was doing was dropping nuclear bombs from the baseline, and heh if that's your thing this is your racquet!

Anyways look forward to hearing. One racquet I'm not too familiar with is Donnay, would like feedback on their racquets.
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