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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
For a really good pusher, I have never been able to beat them trying to hit harder, heavier, or higher. They seem to be masters at using my pace, spin, and heaviness to get the ball back with even more interest.

The way I beat pushers is to bring them up. Get them off the baseline. Dropshot, short harsh angles. At that point, I can either elect to hit a safe pass or hit a safe lob.

IMHO, the key to beating a good pusher is to get them out of the east-west-east mode and into the north-south-north mode.
What's your definition of "a really good pusher"?

For my sanity I think of tennis as simple. Watching pros play, playing the game myself proves this: you need to play correct shot selection and it's all about speed. Sport is speed!
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