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Originally Posted by aka1809 View Post
I am a 4.0 all around player. I try to play consistent tennis and not make too many errors. I have been playing a guy who I can't seem to figure out what the best strategy to beat him. I have beaten him twice, so I know it is possible although I would say he is a better player than me. Last night we played to long sets which he won 6-4, 6-4.

He is a former college player, probably a high 4.0 now and hit EVERYTHING back. That isn't the problem so much, but the fact that he hits with little to no pace and hits short balls with angles. These short balls usually have some slice on them, but the angles are the most damaging to me.

I've tried hitting mostly to his backhand, didn't work. Tried running him from side to side, didn't work. Tried coming into net, he will pass. I'm stumped.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated. I feel like I should be able to beat him.
Hard to tell based on the information, a video would be perfect. You did emphasize he hits everything back, which tells me you are giving him the angles he needs to hit everything back. Likewise he is simultaneously throwing off your game by hitting shots with no pace, different angles, sounds like he's running you around.

You have to take control of the points, don't just go to his backhand, go deep and hard to his backhand and come forward if he's off balance, nothing better than a pusher barely hitting it over, you need to work on crushing low balls with little pace. Mix it up, hit deep and hard, then hit it over the net with little pace, and vice versa. Fed is great at slicing low to bring his opponents in, they come in pop it up and he's there to kill it.

I played a guy like this like a year ago, I'd hit a killer "winner" cross court, turn around as I was convinced I had him only to see him like a Cheetah tracking it down. Those heavy strokes paid off though as all he could do was pop it up, and I'd be mid court. That's the problem with the baseline only game IMO, no one knows how to work mid court. I'd also delay on my shots, so he'd hit soft, it would give me plenty of time, I'd get his eye attention and wait on the ball instead of taking it early, look to the left and hit it inside out, he told me that gave him trouble.

Yea I can't stand guys who run down every ball and just get it back over the net, I do think they are easy to beat if you can play coming in, many can't.

Anyways just my two cents, put up a video looks like some guys on here have some good views.
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