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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post

If you define it in that term, nobody can beat this type of player, not even Nadal, Federer.
I might not be clear. All I am saying is that against a good pusher, you cannot sit there and just try to "out-baseline" them. If that is your strategy, you are going to lose every single match. You must defeat them by incorporating something off the baseline. Whether it is bringing them up, or your yourself coming forward. There is no other way.

We'll leave professionals out of this. Every professional on tour has a weapon.

Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Anyway, let's not discuss in circular logic. What do you think about my assertion that you just need to (a) play correct shot selection and (b) it's all about speed. Sport is speed! Those are the only requirement.
I think (a) is certainly right. But if the correct shot is a short shot... but you don't have it in your arsenal... then you will lose. If the correct shot is hitting an overhead but you don't have it in your arsenal, then you will lose.

Playing the correct shot against a pusher means you have to be able to do more than just run back and forth hitting topspin. You need a real non-baseline weapon.
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