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Very high shots require either extreme topspin, or low pace.

If an opponent is hitting with a lot of topspin, then they can often be made to mishit the shot (or hit less extreme shots), by slicing the ball low, hitting powerfully through the court, and rushing the net. Basically by using tactics which don't allow them to hit regular rallying shots you can stop them being able to pile on the spin.

Alternatively, the opponent is bunting the ball high at a low pace without spin. These players are very susceptible to changes of pace, which drastically effects how deep their shots will land. By mixing slower and faster shots at different heights you will be able to cause great variation in the depth of their shots, forcing them to hit long or short in order to set yourself up for an easy net approach and smash.

If you can force a weaker lob and hit a decent power smash off of the court then you will intimidate most opponents into stopping their lobs.
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