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Originally Posted by DefensiveTennis View Post
Wow, what a low level attitude from the forever 3.0! So you want your opponents to enjoy themselves and play their best and feel comfortable on the court against you?
If you're going to insult someone on this forum it should be funny, or at least make sense. That's a forum rule, I think. Maybe that's why your earlier incarnations here got banned.

I've been a 3.0 for about 1.5 years, since coming back at 65 with active Crohn's disease. I've been able to play tennis maybe 10 months out of that year and a half. In 75-76, when I played for about a year, I was probably a 4.0+ competitor (judging by what I've experienced in the past 1.5 years).
Most importantly, I'm improving.
So much for "forever 3.0".

As for you calling my attitude "low level", I think you've got it backwards. People who are satisfied with winning because of their opponents' misfortune or bad play have a "low level" attitude. Playing for fun and to improve, and wishing the same for one's opponents, is a rather higher level attitude, I should think.
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