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If you're going to insult someone on this forum it should be funny, or at least make sense. That's a forum rule, I think. Maybe that's why your earlier incarnations here got banned.

I've been a 3.0 for about 1.5 years, since coming back at 65 with active Crohn's disease. I've been able to play tennis maybe 10 months out of that year and a half. In 75-76, when I played for about a year, I was probably a 4.0+ competitor (judging by what I've experienced in the past 1.5 years).
Most importantly, I'm improving.
So much for "forever 3.0".

As for you calling my attitude "low level", I think you've got it backwards. People who are satisfied with winning because of their opponents' misfortune or bad play have a "low level" attitude. Playing for fun and to improve, and wishing the same for one's opponents, is a rather higher level attitude, I should think.
I have no earlier incarnations here. My posts were reported and the mods confirmed peoples assumptions of me being an old poster were wrong.

I know a guy who has your attitude, he got annoyed when i said "come on", he got annoyed if I scrambled and sliced and moonballed and did whatever it took for me to win. He wanted to play clean tennis win or lose. He was French so i guess that explains it.

I want to make my opponents feel like sheet on the court. I want them to feel the pressure of my return and double fault as a result. I want them to go for too much on there shots as they cant hit past me any other way and rack up tonnes of unforced errors. I want them to feel helpless that they have no way of winning points against me.

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