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Originally Posted by DefensiveTennis View Post
I have no earlier incarnations here. My posts were reported and the mods confirmed peoples assumptions of me being an old poster were wrong.
Notice the smilies I put in my statement about that.
Originally Posted by DefensiveTennis View Post
I know a guy who has your attitude, he got annoyed when i said "come on", he got annoyed if I scrambled and sliced and moonballed and did whatever it took for me to win. He wanted to play clean tennis win or lose.
Maybe he doesn't quite have "my attitude" exactly. I don't get annoyed when people cheer for themselves when they make a good shot. I certainly don't get annoyed by scrambling, slicing, moonballing players. That's good clean tennis. I like to play people who really get caught up in the spirit of intense competition, and scrambling, slicing, moonballing players often present quite a challenge. Makes the game more interesting.

What does annoy me is when I make really stupid shots, and when I get lazy about fundamentals (like not watching the ball and not getting myself into a good position to hit a decent shot). It also annoys me when somebody is obviously cheating.

Not that faking return position is cheating. Nothing especially wrong with it. I just don't bother with it, that's all. I do sometimes use head and body fakes when I'm at the net.
Originally Posted by DefensiveTennis View Post
He was French so i guess that explains it.
Hmmmm. Ooh, yeah. hahaha ... What!
Originally Posted by DefensiveTennis View Post
I want to make my opponents feel like sheet on the court. I want them to feel the pressure of my return and double fault as a result. I want them to go for too much on there shots as they cant hit past me any other way and rack up tonnes of unforced errors. I want them to feel helpless that they have no way of winning points against me.
You sound like Conan The Tennis Barbarian: I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of their women! hahaha

Well, you know, different strokes for different folks. For myself, I want to develop better habits regarding fundamentals (focus, footwork, etc.). Maybe if I get really good then I'll worry about the emotional state of my opponent, but for now it seems like sort of an unnecessary, and mostly speculative, thing to be concerned with.
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