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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Did you consider PRP with Stem Cells instead of PRP alone?
I asked the doc about that but he said that it's not necessary in my case. According to him, what I have is pretty minor and should heal well with just PRP.

It's now been 3 weeks since the treatment and I cant really say that I feel like it helped, or if it did, it was very minimal. I'm still not good enough to play.

I'm planning on taking another full 6 weeks off anyway and see if it will get better. This is definitely one of the most frustrating things I've been through. I've seen so many different people to get different opinions and try different treatments, but nothing's really worked so far- rest, physical therapy, PRP...

Part of the problem, I think is that I just didn't stay off of it when it was first injured. And so it never had a chance to heal - and by re-injuring it again and again, I probably developed arthritis in that joint and so now even a little bit of activity will aggravate it. I was trying to do some very mild physical therapy type exercises to strengthen it and it hurted for about a week.

And the same situation in my shoulder, which I hurt 2 years ago and never fully healed. And now even with mild rotator cuff exercises, it would get aggravated and hurt for one week. If I played, it would even be worse.

I feel like I cant do anything now - no tennis, no weight training, not even physical therapy! I made an appointment with one more guy who specializes in sports injuries for next week, but I afraid taht it's going to be the same ol' thing again and I wont find a real solution. I hope I'm wrong....
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