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Overdrive...what Drak said. No moral issues. They extracted the stem cells from my pelvis.

Boosted....can't remember if I wrote it on this thread or not. But if someone gets regenerative treatment on a joint that is either fundamentally mispositioned or is not articulating functionally, I don't care what they put in there. The outcome will not be good, or at the least will be sub-optimized versus what it could be. I'd STRONGLY recommend you get a copy of Pete Egoscue's book "Pain Free" and start doing the exercises for ankle pain. Hopefully the combo of that with the PRP will provide benefit.

I had my PRP/stem cell injections, oh, probably 6-7 weeks ago? Something like that. Knee is pretty good. Not 100% but definitely better. Just played a very tough 2 hour singles match, no issues with the knee. Having the second injection in about a month, and then that should be it. At this point I'm very pleased.
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