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Originally Posted by asifallasleep View Post
He's 24 which is shocking but he's still the 6th top ranked american. Which tells you how bad american tennis has gotten.

John Isner 14
Sam Querry 46
Tim Smyczek 89
Michael Russell 91
Bradley Klahn 95
Donald Young 96
Ryan Harrison 99
Jack Sock 100

tennisblog365: American tennis has gotten worse, because more money is poured in football and basketball on every level high school,college, professional. There are not as much children in general, who want to go all the way to become a professional tennis player in the US. Actually John Isner and Sam Querry weren't even confident they were going to play pro tennis. John had to 'flip a coin' between basketball and tennis and went to college. Sam Querry wanted to go to college as well. They don't have motivation like European players do, since they have been young.
My country has the exact same problem. To me, the overall standard of tennis talent has gone down and not up. If the US was as strong in tennis as in the past, I doubt some of the players we have like Nadal or RF would have dominated as much. I really believe the US tennis has become weaker and NOT that the other countries has become stronger.

McEnroe (at 50) almost beat Roddick when he was top 10 in the world. It is proof that the US tennis is not what it used to be. I know a veteran in his 40's who beat a top 20-30 player in my country...partially to his style, but largely due to tennis having gone backward.

RF is excellent and one of the all time greats...but very over-hyped and overrated by people who seem to have forgotten how strong tennis was at one stage. There was no ninetendo back hit the courts and not their television sets.
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