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hey boosted, there is NOTHING wrong with being skeptical as long as that skepticism saves some room for something positive to happen. I've had clients who were so married to their skepticism that even when good things happened, they couldn't acknowledge or even allow it. And it kept them stuck.

The owner and clinic director of the Beverly Hills clinic is Paul Schell. He's a friend of mine and one of our most experienced and successful therapists. Let's put it this way, he was the head of Egoscue University when I started as a student back in 2002. He is VERY good.

But to further set your mind at ease, all of our clinics have a couple of policies that will help here. First, if at the end of your first visit you think "ok, you're nice people but this was a complete waste of time", you don't have to pay anything. Leave with our compliments. Then if you decide "ok, I think this can help and I want to proceed", you have 1 year from the date of starting to ask for a full refund. And we put that in writing. No one else that I'm aware of in the rehab world does anything close to that.

I think you would benefit GREATLY by having Paul take a look at you. Tell him Rick Mathes from the Austin clinic referred you. I promise he'll take superb care of you.
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