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I use natural gut mains+syn. x's,the syn.loses tension a lot faster than the gut.So after a week or so i change the x's only.

This will make my gut play great for a month,otherwise it starts to play poorly after a couple of weeks.I hit at least 2 hours everyday+i like my strings right,after you play a great string combo its hard to go to something less.

The pacific gut costs $34 a set+ i want it to last a long time,i have 2 racquets the same,1 is for practice+1 is for matches.And i have 1 new one in the closet in case i break a frame by just changing the x's.

I am not saying it wont happen,but i will tell you i have done this over 30 times now with no problems.If i were to break 1 frame a year it would still be worth it because of the money i am saving on the strings.

You guys can tell me its stupid+on+on,but you are saying you cant do something that I HAVE DONE OVER 30 TIMES WITH NO PROBLEMS.
Pacific BX2 X Force pro. wilson sensation 17 G. 60 lbs.
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