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Thanks, Posture Guy. I called but they don't have anything available until the end of the week so I'll need to check my schedule and get back with them. I'll ask for Paul when I call again - they originally said they'll schedule me with some lady (cant remember the name).

I'm skeptical just b/c I've done so many other things that didn't work - not that they're bad treatments, but just not the right treatments for my condition.

The frustrating thing is that it seems like everyone is so "into" their own modality that they think it's great for everyone and every condition. They don't even put an emphasis on finding out what the true diagnosis is first and what's actually causing the problem, b/c different problems will require different treatments.

My experience is that the acupuncture guy will think acupuncture cures everything and the physical therapy guy will try to sell you physical therapy and the PRP guy will convince you that PRP will do miracles for your pain, and so on....

No one has told me yet why I'm having pain all this time and why my seemingly mild injuries and sprains wont heal.

Anyway, I'll see them and let you know how it goes. Thanks.
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