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same doc did both. Went like this:

1. Lie face down on table in procedure room. Outside of my hip gets numbed and the take a surgical drill and drill into the ilium (a part of the pelvis). Then a syringe is attached to the surgical drill bit and extracts the bone marrow used to derive the stem cells.

2. Then they shift the position of the syringe and extract the blood for the platelets.

3. I go kick back in a comfy recliner, sip some water and watch ESPN for half an hour while they process the materials from step 1.

4. I go back into the procedure room, lie on my back, and they inject all the stuff into my knee, which included the PRP, stem cells, some other materials, and ozone.

5. I limp out to the car wondering why the hell I thought I could still see some clients after this.

6. Hours later I try to go to sleep wishing I had just one pain pill. The knee really hurts and I'm wondering what tomorrow brings.

7. I wake up feeling way better than when I went to sleep and life goes on.
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