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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
MSU's Florian Lakat. Seen him play twice. Playing in the 1 slot in the SEC if his spring goes well will be a good bet for FOY.
Very impressive by Nilsson if so. He's one of the top coaches in the nation. Year after year brings in impressive international guys. A lot of programs get lightning in a bottle international guys and are good for a few years but then dip off once those guys leave.

Examples being Wisconsin(Michalicka,Baumann) Louisville(Childs), Oklahoma State(Nedovyesov), Texas Tech(Carvalho,Escobar), Miami(Vallverdu,Crowley), GT(Gomez). To name a few. But with Miss State they can lose all their guys yet they are replaced by just a solid players.

It's not Nilsson's fault Starkville is the dullest town in the USA. But Bogaerts out? Ok Lakat in. Impressive stuff.
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