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Originally Posted by REKX View Post
Wilson do not make any racquets that proffesionals use as they are all custom made.

Players wont just 'switch' to different racquets when Wilson decide to bring out a new line for business and marketing reasons, it does not work like that. Players like a certain frame and their companies ensure they are getting it.

Ask the players on these forums, most including my self play with a certain racquet with certain strings and tension, we do not change because it is what we are comfortable with and works best for our technique. You cannot expect Pro's to change, unless is major like what Federer has done recently.
Of course Wilson makes the racquets that the pros use. No, Wilson does not usually make custom racquets for the pros unless they are planning to come out with a new model or if the racquet does not fit their current line-up. Wilson makes the stock racquets and then AFTERWARDS, they may be customized by racquet customizers like Priority One or RPNY or by the players themselves.

Just because a model is no longer sold at retail does not mean that Wilson does not make that racquet. They still make the stock old models for some pros with new paintjobs on them but you cannot buy them at retail because Wilson only wants to sell the new models to the general public and not the old models that are out-of-date but still loved by the pros.

Just because a racquet is an old model does not make it a custom racquet.
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