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Originally Posted by DaveKB View Post
Perhaps you would care to explain why no ad scoring makes an upset by the underdog more likely than regular scoring. I tend to think the pressure will be on the underdog player and the opposite is true. Of course, maybe only 10% of the games go to deuce anyway, unless the players are very evenly matched and neither has a big serve, so 'no ad' will not really come into play all that often. In the quarters UVA will be a lot better team than any team we play. Maybe USC, UCLA, or UGA have a chance to beat us, but I see no one else with any chance.

BTW I much prefer the "one ad" scoring format meaning you have 40-40 and then one more deuce before one point decides it. It would not take much longer and it retains a little more tradition in scoring.
It adds luck because could an ill-timed Double Fault, Lucky net cord, Receiver could get lucky and nail a return. One and done versus giving the player another chance to fight to stay in the game.

There is a reason you see many more 6-5 sets (Tie-breaks with the No-Ad scoring)
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