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Originally Posted by JLyon View Post
It adds luck because could an ill-timed Double Fault, Lucky net cord, Receiver could get lucky and nail a return. One and done versus giving the player another chance to fight to stay in the game.

There is a reason you see many more 6-5 sets (Tie-breaks with the No-Ad scoring)

It may add some luck to both guys' games, but not much. As I said only 10% or so games go to deuce anyway. It also completely takes away the retrievers and usually less talented guy's advantage when the only way he can win is to wear down the big serving better player with multiple deuce games and making it into a 3/4 hour match. UVA's Mitchell Frank is really a retriever or grinder supreme. He wants to outlast the other guys. I think no ad hurts his game a lot. OTOH it helps Domijan who hates long matches due to his relative lack of mobility.

You say there are lot more 6-5 sets as opposed to what type of sets in regular scoring? There is no way to know about there actually being more 6-5 sets as there has been little experience with no ad. I believe you are wrong about that, because those sets would gone to 7-6 anyway.

I think 'no ad' favors the big server with the big game and in fact makes it much less likely a lesser guy can pull off an upset. Guys with big serves already win 75%/80% of their games. I think the percentage will go up with no ad scoring, because the big guy can play harder early and not worry about saving his energy for a 3/4 hour match.

Clark tries to make the point with a one point match against Djokovic. If it was that then maybe, but it isn't just one point for all the marbles. He seems to think that the lesser player will win more deuce games with no ad scoring, than he would with regular scoring. I do not know how he knows that. He seem to think that the lesser player will play better than normal on the no ad point, whereas I think he will be 'choking' on the no ad point, especially if it is a tight match and he is about to pull the big upset.

We will never know the answer to the lucky shot/net cord issue, but I think it is certain it does not help the retriever types who need long matches in order to win.
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