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Saw The Artist a couple days back. Loved it.

I suppose if you don't like old B&W movies, this may not make much sense to you. It's about the transition from silent to talkies. Just like the wonderful musical Singin in the Rain. Coincidentally, Jean Dujardin looks very much like Gene Kelly who was in SITR. The dog Uggie is of course excellent, but then i am a dogt.a.r.d

Also, saw Hugo, which I loved, too. Ben Kingsley.

Hugo and The Artist (like SITR) are two movies that I could watch every year.

Originally Posted by jmverdugo View Post
The Artist, was ok but not sure if Oscar worthy, maybe because of the "innovation", my my problem with this movie is that it did not say too much ...
I was thinking that movies like Artist make me realize how much can be done without words. Maybe they should have more silence in movies.

Take Le Samourai for example. There's almost nothing spoken in the first 15 minutes, and there's no need to.

Originally Posted by PSNELKE View Post
Saw "The Artist".. HOOOLY SHIIAT.. i can't believe how this crap movie won so many Oscars.

Worst movie I've seen in the last few years along with "Contagion".
Contagion sucked. Yet another virus outbreak movie.

Originally Posted by jswinf View Post
Tried to watch "The Artist" a couple weeks ago, couldn't sit it out, didn't see what all the Oscars fuss was about.
The Academy must be full of old nostalgic degenerates like me who like movies about movies, and movies about the old times.
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