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Wrote an article for the State of The U site concerning the Canes' season so far. Haven't been able to find out what exactly is wrong with Wilfredo Gonzalez but I'm assuming he's injured. We need him back soon.

My article
Canes Tennis at a Crossroads
With just over two months left in the regular season, it appears that both of the Miami Hurricanes tennis teams have come to a crossroads. While the goals may be different, how they respond to the upcoming week could determine how their season ends this year.
For the men, it has been not only a rough year, but a rough three years. After making the NCAA tournament for the 43rd time in 2011, there has been a steady decline in the men’s results. From a ranking of No. 27 (15-9) in 2011, the men have finished No. 67 (8-13) in 2012 and No. 55 (13-13) in 2013. They have won a total of three conference dual matches in the last two seasons. With a relatively easy schedule and with three seniors on the team, there was some hope that they could sneak into the NCAA tournament this year, but so far the results have showed that the NCAAs may be a bit optimistic.
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