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BUMP! This thread should never end!

FabFed is amazing.. seeing him and Ron posting such useful information is so great for everyone. I have seen countless posts with people simply speculating.

I find it funny that so many people talk about playing with his racquet to "see the difference" with the stock.

Take a stock BLX and then customize it as much as possible to be close to Fed's stick. Who can properly use this? You need to be at least a solid 4.0 or above to start having a clue as to how this stick PLAYS. The weight alone is rough enough for most players. The low tension throws control out of the window. You already need to be a very serious player with a deep understanding of timing, spin, slicing and making proper use of the gut/lux combo. I have put that racquet into many 4.0+ players hands and they completely fail with it..and understandably so!

IMO it would take a serious level 7.0 player that already have significant experience on a custom BLX to then use Fed's stick and notice a difference (if one exists). Try swinging a 360g BLX for a few hours at a very high level.. unless you are a seriously high level, your arm is toast.

Having played with this setup for years I do not believe Fed's stick plays much different in regards to the mold. The various releases are clearly PJ's as people have done everything possible aside from scraping paint off.

My setup is as close to Fed's as I can get it. My shots are very similar to his and when watching him practice (in person) I do not see his racquet playing differently than mine. Meaning that based on my abilities with this modified stick I have little doubt that his stick is any different. The one MASSIVE factor here is that HE is Roger Federer and even if I can emulate his shots like a mirror.. I am absolutely nothing compared to him. I hope you guys understand that I am saying I can execute his shots (not all of them.. god himself could not do that).

My level is high enough that I could do practices with Fed and if we play matches I could win some points. Games..improbable haha. The point here is that any high level player that has used a custom BLX or K90 would be able to know if there is any different between that stick and Fed's.

I spoke to Oliver Rochus about this once and he told me he did not see any difference. Rochus has hit with Fed's racquet in practice (for fun) and said he did not notice anything "off" about the stick.

Unless I am confused I see a lot of people talking about hitting with Fed's racquet and comparing it with a stock BLX. A stock BLX is head light.

What is different about Fed's stick compared to retail? Here is what we already know

Gut/Lux string setup (tension varies)
10 string savers near top
3 leather power pads by P1
tie off's in specific pattern (specific to that size frame as well)
lead tape in head
custom buttcap
personally molded grip by P1
leather wrap by P1
wilson overgrip
black tape at top of overgrip

Here is what we do not know..

Weight removed from handle? P1 knows this as they made the custom mold. They have no reason to share this information with anyone.

BLX Basalt fiber quality. Mined in Colorado, USA it is rumored that the best Basalt is going into Fed's sticks and that makes more sense. There is a discussion about this in another thread.

One of the K90 Fed sticks that FabFed has was clearly used on European clay..possibly Rome. This means (at least for the sticks that FabFed has) that Fed MIGHT have the same SW across the board for all sticks and only changes the tension..

In general you would not want to play a match with different weights..that will throw off timing. You would only want to adjust tension.. it seems very likely that the SW of all frames is identical. Ron Yu CLEARLY would be able to confirm this if anyone cares to bribe him with a paypal "donation" HAHA.
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