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Originally Posted by blip View Post
Mikeler, I would appreciate very much an assist here.

What is your highest rated most crisp multi?

I like the sounds of a string more than anything and believe I actually play better the louder the cracking sound.

I play with a Organix V1 MP so strings are muted from it too.

Thanks, perhaps it's not possible with a V1MP? I'm only on my first set of strings; Yonex 850 Pro.
850 Pro is crispy but I have not hit with it a whole lot. As for a crisp list, here goes:

1) X1 Biphase
2) Prince Premiere LT
3) Genesis Thunder Blast
4) Weiss Cannon Big Fantum
Three (3) Prince Tour 100T ESP (16x16), Genesis Typhoon 16L @ 60#, 5.0 NTRP
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