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Originally Posted by torpantennis View Post
Nice! I got back to my first ever racquet, from 8 years ago, light 102 Yonex. Had been using IG Prestige MP, modded and unmodded.

I didn't change anything in swing. I serve better, play more consistent. Light racquet actually forces to keep technique good and the stroke full. Otherwise the ball would not travel past the service box. But it's relatively easy to swing, so keeping the stroke full is easy.

I now feel the heavier racquets, for 3.0-4.5 players, are lazy man's sticks. The weight enables to NOT use full swing, but still keep the ball deep. The weight also adds control, so poor technique is covered by the racquet. Player is not required to develop control in the strokes, which is bad for the development.
I am of the exact opposite thought. I personally think heavier rackets are much better to play with but you have to use good technique to weld them. You will be late if not focusing on good strokes with a nice contact point. To me, the concept of compensating for lack of mass by swinging the racket faster is a no go. On overheads, volleys, returns of serve, slices, lobs, and defensive gets with squash type shots, you are not striving for maximum or near maximum swing speed and a light racket is really at a disadvantage on all these shots. That leaves serves and sitters where you want to maximize swing speed. If I have time to setup and push up the swing speed, I still prefer a racket with good mass and it generates easy power with a fast but controlled swing. I don't have to red line my swing to get good thump.
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