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I am of the exact opposite thought. I personally think heavier rackets are much better to play with but you have to use good technique to weld them. You will be late if not focusing on good strokes with a nice contact point. To me, the concept of compensating for lack of mass by swinging the racket faster is a no go. On overheads, volleys, returns of serve, slices, lobs, and defensive gets with squash type shots, you are not striving for maximum or near maximum swing speed and a light racket is really at a disadvantage on all these shots. That leaves serves and sitters where you want to maximize swing speed. If I have time to setup and push up the swing speed, I still prefer a racket with good mass and it generates easy power with a fast but controlled swing. I don't have to red line my swing to get good thump.
Strange enough, I felt the same just 1 month ago. I have a long history of modding my racquets with lead tape. I felt a heavy spec of 360g/360SW was EASIEST to play with. Going lighter felt like too whippy, less control, and sweet spot felt so small. I loved the control and easy power that the heavy racquet provided.

Then I got a great new coach, who highlighted some of my technical flaws better than any other coach before. It felt difficult to make the changes with a heavy racquet, as it kinda swings on its own mass, so I decided to try my first racquet. Immediately, I could make the changes, and now I'm on a fast learning curve. I've never played as consistent as now with the improved technique. Game almost feels trivial compared to earlier, as my new coach is so good in focusing my thoughts on key factors where I have the most work to improve.

Last weekend, I played one of my best defensive play in any match. And this was with a 315g/310SW racquet. I was in a defensive slice god mode, and lobbed better than ever. The light racquet makes basic rally strokes so easy, I can concentrate on early preparation, good unit turn, and correct swing path. And most importantly, I can swing faster, which improves control due to added topspin. The open 16x19 pattern on a head further improves spin. Now I don't need the heavy racquet to control the stroke, rather I can control the ball with my technique.

After a lot of practices with the improved technique, I now feel like the heavy racquet was cheating. It provided the control due to added mass, and enabled me to use bad technique, as even mishits stayed in. At least for me, that road was a dead end.
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