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Originally Posted by Sundan View Post
Hi Mikeler,i just wanted some advice from you if you have the time ;

Just traded a Blade 98 18x20 and it came with rpm blast at 58lbs,and its pretty stiff and dead unless i really open up the can of whoop-@ss and hit hard on everything, so i want a string that opens up the sweetspot abit and thats not that stiff.

I ordered Volkl cyclone 17 and tourna bhb7 17,both is supposed to be comfortable polys,but i also ordered a set of babolat xcel 16 for hybriding purposes.
However,from reading your review of xcel i wonder if i just should try to string full xcel instead of bothering with hybriding ? If its spinny enough and has enough control it could be a softer alternative,or would it fray and stop to snap back too quickly?

What do you think,is it "good enough" for full bed,or do you think i would lack too much spin and control coming from polys and hybrids ?
If RPM is stiff, then I would go for a hybrid with bhb7 or cyclone in the mains and xcel in the crosses. You'll get nice spin and control while softening up the strings for your arm. I like Genesis Thunder Blast white best as a cross string. You have a dense pattern, so if that is too stiff then try full Xcel after that or another one of my favorites in post #1 of this thread.
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