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Originally Posted by elias_ch View Post
Couldn't agree more on the slices.

I strung it with vs touch 52/ 4G 50 & found spin potential to be above average as well... but a little bit too much power for me.

so I tried YPTP Spin at 52 and had to cut it after 5 hrs... (wrist pain)
now trying YPTP 1.2 at 52 - no pain but would like more spin.
Will try Solinco Tour Bite 16L @51

Have you tried it with different string setup?
Interesting that you had more spin with 4G as the cross. The only other set up I have tried was a full bed of Sonic Pro Edge at 48 lbs. Great spin and comfortable for a poly. Overall liked it about the same as the vs touch/yptp hybrid, but the hybrid plays better for longer. With the Sonic Pro Edge, I noticed a drop in control after about 8 hours.
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