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Originally Posted by goldy0084 View Post
Zuern playing 5 behind Tellez is laughable. They are not even remotely close in ability level. Regardless, Miami really needs to hire someone new. I'd love to see them do well again, but the current set-up is not working. There is pretty much zero shot of them making NCAA's.
Coach Rincon had a good run at the beginning but the last four years or so have been rough. They have the No. 6 ranked class next year. While that's never a guaretee of anything, it is a step in the right direction. I'm trying to stay positive and I'm not quite ready to to give up on the the coaching staff just yet but another two years of the same may spell the end. And you're right. They have very little chance of making it to the NCAAs this year. Still rooting for my team regardless.
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