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Default Graphene Prestige MP demo

I've been trying to get along with the Graphene Prestige MP for a week.
came strung with TNT16 @56lbs
felt boardy but i played some great indoor doubles with it.
hit the biggest serve of my life and hit 2 crushing returns that
almost killed the netman and hit a couple amazingly soft angled volleys!
i took it out to hit against a wall and hit some serves and it felt way too underpowered for singles though.
so i restrung it with a SonicPro/Maxim touch @52lbs
just as boardy feeling and now my elbow was hurting after hitting only a few practice serves!
so i restung it again with Maxim Touch/Gosen Micro @53/52lbs
Still extremely boardy and no power and my elbow can throb for a while after hitting a few serves still.

So, I probably should just FORGET this P.O.S! however those few sweet shots and its... umm how do i say... the great feel of just swinging it through the air in my basement(?) makes me want to keep messing with it. Maybe I'll restring it with full maxim touch @48lbs and see if it becomes magical? I'd ideally like to throw some poly in there to help with spin but I also need to get some easier power because I am swinging out of my shoes right now to get any depth.

Anyway, I have used the PC600 and Microgel Prestige mid and demoed the IG Prestige MP and didn't have these kinds of issues. So I guess TalkTennis consensus was right that graphene prestige just isn't very good... but I am hoping it just needs very low tension and it becomes the G.O.A.T for me. I played with the Vcore89 last year and I had easy power and played great with it for a while. But the swingweight and long throat messed with me when returning 1st serves and hitting serves... so the Prestige MP just feels more natural... IF it had more juice!

that is my Prestige MP review... so far it kills my arm and has no power but i have hit a few of my best shots ever somehow with it while testing it. Weird! I guess maybe because the string bed feels like its 80lbs so when i have hit dead center while swinging fast it has produced some bombs but most of the time it is just way too boardy.
I've demoed the IG Prestige MP with full poly too and it wasn't bad at all.
But I preferred the Vcore89 over it back then.
The new racquet quest has officially become a nightmare.
I currently use a leaded AeroPro Drive 2013 and while my results are good with it... I just kind of hate using only topspin. I can't slice at all with it and I just spin serves in with it. Volleys are pretty meh too. But for singles baseline bashing it works fine.. I just wish I had an 11.7+oz ,22mm or less, HL frame, that allowed me to hit more kinds of shots yet still play topspin aggressive tennis when i want to too!
Sigh.... time to demo more racquets I guess. I'll update after I lower the string tension on the Graphene Prestige MP and use full multi.
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