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^ The problem is that you're comparing apples to oranges. The GPMP is in a different weight category to the YTPMP. And how do you know that the specs of the one that you had was representative? From what I've seen, the specs of the Graphenes vary quite considerably. In any event, the YTPMP was pretty half baked in stock form in terms of power and SW. Once you 3/9/12 you're in the 350g class of racquet. Not really comparable to a 330g GPMP.

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I just wish I had an 11.7+oz ,22mm or less, HL frame, that allowed me to hit more kinds of shots yet still play topspin aggressive tennis when i want to too!
That would be a higher weight specced Graphene Prestige Pro.

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I currently use a leaded AeroPro Drive 2013 and while my results are good with it... I just kind of hate using only topspin. I can't slice at all with it and I just spin serves in with it. Volleys are pretty meh too. But for singles baseline bashing it works fine..
I think you're mixing up too many playing issues and styles with equipment. I know an Aussie guy at my club - one of the coaches - who probably has the best S&V game out of anyone I've ever seen. He plays with an APDC.

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