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Originally Posted by YesTennis View Post
Does anyone have a recommendation for a preferred string setup in the G Prestige S. It seems that most feel that the power is better than the YT/IG, but still somewhat of a lower powered racquet. Do you think gut/poly would be an optimal setup? Or do you think it lends itself better to a poly/multi hybrid? I don't want to go full poly. Thanks is advance for your suggestions and help.
I've got two of the IG Prestige S, so it's close, but probably not that far off. Use this if you think it might help, or don't.

Both have Cyclone 17 mains, and I use either OGSM or Forten Sweet crosses. Haven't felt much difference on the crosses.

One has 53M, 47C...the other is 47M, 43C. I like having them noticeably different depending on how I'm playing on different days.
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