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Originally Posted by John Kawasaki View Post
I have had a chance to hit with all the new Graphene Radicals and Prestiges......I have not been drawn to any of them because they do feel harsher (to me) except for the Prestige S....this racquet does feel "crisp" but at the same time you can feel the moderate flex (62 RA). This stick is totally different from the past IG iteration: completely different drill pattern (no shared holes). I just hit with one strung with plain ole Head PPS strung at 55 lbs on a constant pull and it had terrific pop off the string fact I will have it re strung at 57 (cp) with Duraflex 16g to reign it in a bit. This stick may swing too light for some of you but a little lead could do it for you: mine weights 11.2 oz strung at 5 pts HL and hits a bigger ball for me than the Juice 100, and PD (on paper this shouldn't be but that's what I'm feel'n). I have been hitting with just about everything that comes out.....just recently both of the Yonex Ai's (nice sticks btw), Pure Control Tours (also very nice), Graphite 100 (latest...great feel). I did not care for the past iteration (IG Prestige S) as it felt too unsubstantial (lower swing weight perceived), This one may be with a test drive for ain't the same as the last one. In played with the IG Prestige Pro for a few months and I feel this is more user friendly sibling with more pop. See what you think.
totally agree that the Graphene S feels completely different from the previous version.
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