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What do Successful Juniors and D1 players have to do with REC tennis? Nothing. You are not even in the ballpark of what I am talking about if you base your argument on this premise.
Exaggerate much? 5.0s are usually ex college players who have gotten older in the last 20 years or so. Sometimes they are teaching pros.

No one on this thread really wants guys to avoid obvious chances to come into the net. Its the in-between shots - the kind of shots where you could come in or you could stay back. Those shots divide the aggressive net player from the baseline basher/all courter. It's the same with serve and volley. Most players do it to mix things up - the aggressive players do it all the time.

Anyway, I don't know what kind of '5.0' you hit against but in most of the world those guys can hit a hella nice forehand which will rip apart mediocre approach shots or lousy half volleys.
It sounds to me like you beat up on some 3.5 pusher and decided to start this thread.. In your mind he is probably a 4.0 and thus you think that aggressive net play is money against 4.0 - 5.0 players. Its not for most players.

And with the evolution of the game its not going to be anytime soon. Why you think that somehow the pros have absolutely no relevance to our game is beyond me. The same issues pros have with going to the net - amateurs have as well.

Yeah amateurs don't have as powerful groundstrokes but they also don't have volleys, overheads, approaches and half volleys that are comparable either. So just like the pros most people stay back on neutral rally balls. Like I said if anything its worse for amateurs since we mostly work on our groundstrokes and only deal with half volleys and such in doubles.

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