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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
There was a really great post recently about tips on the serve and volley somewhere and I can not find it. Regardless, I loved it and there was a key part that stuck out - "attack the net, commit to getting to the net regardless if you get passed or not".

The more I play 4.0s to 5.0s, the more I see that standing back and baselining is why I lose some matches. And it is not because I get outhit, but more so because I choose to stay back and not attack the net as much as possible. As a result, the opportunity for UE's piles up and attackable balls extend the point for the opponent instead of ending it for me.

So I went out yesterday and played and practiced with a more advanced pusher type - a guy who hits deep loopers and gets everything back. His backhand is a weakness. I decided that I would attack the net as much as possible. It was a very simple strategy - hit i/o forehands to his backhand, deep and to the corner with a lot of pace and spin. I would run back a little when I saw the high, deep ball coming, and get off the ground and pound the ball into the corner.

As soon as I hit that shot I would come to net. My position was near the top of the service box on the deuce side to cover the line. What I noticed was this - just the mere act of me coming to the net caused multiple UE's. I barely had to do anything except come to net. Short balls came right to me, and I was able to put them away with a half volley to the open court. Or he would hit a DTL backhand winner. This was rare. Maybe he hit 2 of those the whole time.

or hit long trying to get too aggressive.
right we should be attacking a lot more. most guys can't pass well like the pros can nor do they have topspin like Nadal.
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